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Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Artist: B. Ashra
Titel: The Sound Of DMT / A Sonic Ayahuasca Journey
Format: Digital
Total playtime: 62.20 min
Katalog#: KWDIGI010
Labelcode: 16011
ISRC: DE-HE1-2000015-21
EAN/UPC: 9705053467732
Releasedate: 26.11.2020

Artwork: Paulo Jales
Mastered by Bert Olke: www.gl-audio.de
Style: Ambient, Drones, Cosmic Octave, Ritual Music, Ethno, Electronic Music, Binaural Beats

B. Ashra – The Sound Of DMT

A Sonic Ayahuasca Journey


01 N,N-Dimethyltryptamin 14:47
02 Yagé 07:01
03 Shipibo 11:10
04 Magical Forest 14:50
05 Ayahuasca Icaros 08:16
06 Un Medio 06:15
Bonus Track: The Sound Of DMT - Complete Mix (62.20 min exclusiv at bandcamp)

Special thanks to: Kajuyali Tsamani, Hans Cousto and Markus Berger for inspiration, Paulo Jales for the wonderful cover picture and Fong Ponto for the flute in track 4.




Klangwirkstoff Records presents:

KWDIGI010 B. Ashra – The Sound Of DMT (A Sonic Ayahuasca Journey)

B. Ashra kidnapped us with his new album The Sound Of DMT into a sonic, shamanic magic world. Field recordings mixed with shamanic chants and ritual sounds, traditional instruments meet synthesizer drones and glitches, a sonic ayahuasca journey.

This album is tuned to the DMT molecule according to calculations by Hans Cousto. DMT is part of the Ayahuasca drink. More detailed explanations on this topic are given below.


The DMT molecule setting are included Hemispheric Synchronizations, also called binaural beats or Hemi Syncs, whichare precisely tuned to the DMT molecule. Hemisphere Synchronization: 4,99 Hz (Theta), 7,99 Hz (Theta/Alpha), 14,1375 Hz (Beta)


In order to achieve the best effect of the molecular setting, a good stereo image is recommended; headphones would be ideal. Because some players take pauses between the tracks, but it's actually a 62 minute mix without pauses, bandcamp offers exclusiv the entire mix exclusively in a file as a bonus track so that you can enjoy the album without interruptions. Also exclusic for bandcamp, the individual tracks asl 24 or 16 bit audio files available.

For all who download from other portals, we recommend audio player such as the Vox, Windows Media Player, Tidal or similar, which do not pause between the tracks.



Molecule Settings:

A molecule is recorded by spectral analysis. You can then recognize the main spectra of the molecule in its color spectra, which in turn can be precisely converted into frequencies. Each of these spectra has its own intensity and interval, which in turn can be converted into beats per minutes (speed) and velocity sensitiv.


The DMT molecule has 8 different main spectra. So 8 different frequencies are played at the same time at 8 different speeds each so that an accurate acoustic image of the molecule is created. On the album "The Sound Of DMT" you can hear this event as a marimba chime which appears repeatedly in the album.

N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, DMT for short, is a hallucinogenic tryptamine alkaloid. It is used, among other things, as a psychedelic or entheogen by being smoked, snorted or injected. Oral ingestion (e.g. as Ayahuasca) can only have an effect if MAOH inhibitors have been taken simultaneously or beforehand, as DMT is broken down very quickly by the body's own enzyme monoamine oxidase. DMT occurs in some plants and in the skin gland secretions of the Aga toad and is also an endogenous substance in humans and animals.


Ayahuasca is a drink (DMT and MAOH inhibitor) that is traditionally taken in South America. Consumption can lead to near-death experiences. Markus Berger describes the effect in his book „DMT“ more as dream-like facets of reality and calls it the "Alice in Wonderland phenomenon". The "jungle cinema" is very colorful, magical and mysterious. It is very important that the intake is only directed in traditional rituals by trained shamans. Taking it alone or outside the protection of an initiate is not recommended.



DMT Frequency calculations by Hans Cousto, spectral analysis by Shulgin USA: https://erowid.org/library/books_online/tihkal/tihkal06.shtml




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KrautNick (in german)



Unter Ton 11-2020 (in german)



Uwe Saße Sequenzerwelten 28-11-2020 (in german)



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