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...exists since 1999 featuring three sound alchemists: Eru aka Ricky Deadking (electronics and guitar), Tommelon (electronics and guitar) and B. Ashra (electronics and Theremin).

Morphon transforms the cosmic octave into meditative, experimental landscapes of sound. The minimal and constantly changing fractal beats with their ethereal qualities seem to withdraw from conventional harmonic principles.

The ability to be in resonance with the vibrations of cosmic totality means to be in unison.

It is by way of immediate experience and through the archetypical aspects of 'being' that tuning oneself becomes possible.

The technique of creating this music is based on classical Indian music, which uses 136,1 vibrations per sec. as its main frequency for tuning instruments. This tone is called 'om' and in spiritual anatomy is related to the centre of the heart. Thousands of people on this earth are in harmony with this tone, which also corresponds to one orbit of the earth around the sun - the 'year-tone'.


  Morphon - Om-Mars-Venus -- CD-Cover

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MORPHON - Om Mars Venus

CD Digipak
Klangwirkstoff Records KW003
total playtime:76,10 min
Releasedate: 02.10.2008
LC: 16011
EAN: 4 036067 300 896
Distribution : silenzio

Now after the first release of Morphon at the compilation „active agent of sound“ kw002 at the end of 2007, they presents their first Longplay: OM Mars Venus

This CD contains spherical electronic ambientmusic with a philosophic background.

With their project, Morphon, Eru (electronics and guitar), Tommelon (electronics and guitar), and B. Ashra (electronics) are exploring artistically the mental and physical effects of natural vibrations and rhythms (for example, planetary cycles).


1. Om 31:48 min.
2. Mars 21:30 min.
3.Venus 22:47 min.



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