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Klangwirkstoff Records ORIOM - Healing Source - Album Preview










Oriom - Healing Source

01 Mars Minaret 09:31
Mars | 67,8 bpm | D | 144,72 Hertz | a1=433,7Hz | 440Hz -25,1 cent | 67,8 und 135,6 bpm

02 One With Everything 06:32
platonic year | 80,6 bpm | F | 172,06 Hertz | a1=422,6 Hz | 440Hz -25,5 cent | 80,6 bpm

03 Venus Void 10:43
platonic year | 80,6 bpm | A | 221,23 Hertz | a1=442,5Hz | 440Hz +9,6cent | 103,7 bpm

04 One Day In Eternity 14:10
sun day| 91 bpm | G | 194,18 Hertz | chromatisches a1=435,9Hz | 440Hz –16,1 cent | 91 bpm

05 Slom Ocean 28:07
tropical year (OM) | 63,8 bpm | Cis | 136,10 Hertz | chromatisches a1=432,1 Hz | 440Hz –31,4 cent | 63,8 oder 127,6 bpm

06 Son Of The Sun 07:54
sun | 59,15 bpm | H/C | 126,22 Hertz | a1=449,8 Hz | 440Hz -38,1 cent | 118,3 bpm

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Artist: Oriom
Titel: Healing Source
Format: CD | Vinyl | Digital
Total playtime: 77:02 min
Catalog#: KW014 | KW014V
Labelcode: 16011
ISRC: DE-HE1-21-00001-06
EAN/UPC: 4036067348546
Releasedate: 23.04.2021
Artwork: Rainer Hartmann
Artist homepage: Oriom
Mastered by Rainer Hartmann
Vinylmastering by: Bert Olke (GL Audio)
Style: #SpaceDub, #Trip-Hop, #Overtone Singing,
#Ambient, #CosmicOctave, #drone, #electronicmusic




Oriom is Rainer von Vielen’s solo project.

Rainer has been working on these space trips for many years. During the time of lockdown, the moment to let a wholesome idea become an album had finally come.

Each song is composed in a specific planetary tuning. The frequency of the planets revolution around the sun, raised in octaves to an audible range. Beats that resonate with these frequencies. That is the core of this album.

Thus, the journey begins on Mars, continues to the Platonic year of planet Earth, then flies away to Venus and takes to a terrestrial day, only to spin along the annual frequency of our home planet (432 Hz) for 28 minutes. Eventually, the album closes on the gravitational length of our sun.

Rainer has discovered the rich depths of throat singing a long time ago and found a fulfilling and moving force in this form of singing. Controlled breathing, to which he mostly found in meditation, is the source of the sound. The “Healing Source”.

He finds the combination of archaic means of sound production and electronic soundscapes very fascinating. To him, harmonizing these worlds while resonating with the planets of our solar system is a mirror of the all-oneness.

The language of Orioms singing is the language of the moment. The voice as an instrument and words as auditory medium, telling of a sensation that arises from the fusion with the sound of music. Immediate and direct.

77 minutes of space tripping, for celestial yoga, planetary breathing, slow trance dance, stellar meditation and peaceful grounding.

To find out more about the Cosmic Octave, visit: planetware.de

The all-rounder Rainer Von Vielen is known to many, besides his band project of the same name and the live band "Orange", for his incomparable overtone singing, which he sometimes combines with german lyrics. As a fourth music project there is still his pop dance solo project: Jacques Boom. In addition to his bands, Rainer makes music for theater and film, among other things he has already written a soundtrack for a big german crime scene.

After Rainer has already composed 2 tracks for our two compilations, we are very happy that he is releasing his new album on our label.




ORIOM live at Nebelhorn, Oberstdorf Germany - Full Concert - 4K at youtube



Oriom Tuning Set Splus


CD "Healing Source" von ORIOM im Set mit 7 Stimmgabeln Splus
plus Büchlein "Die Töne der Kosmischen Oktave" von Hans Cousto

Lieferbar ab 26.4.2021 bestellen im Oriom shop oder bei planetware





Oriom - Mars Minaret EP


01 Oriom - Mars Minaret (Original) 09:33
02 Oriom - Mars Minaret (Chris Dubflow Remix) 06:44
03 Oriom - Mars Minaret (B. Ashra Remix) 06:45

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Artists: Oriom, Chris Dubflow, B. Ashra
Titel: Mars Minaret
Format: Digital
Catalog#: KWDIGI012
Labelcode: 16011
ISRC: DE-HE1-21-00007-9
EAN/UPC: 3616554031468
Releasedate: 26.03.2021
Artwork: Rainer Hartmann
Mastered by Bert Olke: www.gl-audio.de
Style: #SpaceDub, #Overtone Singing,#Dub
#Ambient, #CosmicOctave, #electronicmusic

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Oriom - Venus Void EP


01 Oriom - Venus Void (Original) 10:48
02 Oriom - Venus Void (Umberto Echo Remix) 07:53
03 Oriom - Venus Void (Sapana Remix) 07:35
04 Oriom - Venus Void (70db* Live Version) 11:23
05 Oriom - Venus Void (Dr. Walker Alentejo Acidbreaks Remix) 04:21

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Artists: Oriom, Dr. Walker, Umberto Echo, Sapana, 70db*
Titel: Venus Void
Format: Digital
Catalog#: KWDIGI013
Labelcode: 16011
ISRC: DE-HE1-21-00011-15
EAN/UPC: 3616554708421
Releasedate: 04.2021
Artwork: Rainer Hartmann
Mastered by Bert Olke: www.gl-audio.de
Style: #SpaceDub, #DubTechno, #OvertoneSinging,
#Dub, #Ambient, #CosmicOctave, #electronicmusic

* 70db are: Rainer Von Vielen, Wolfram Spyra, Steve Schroyder, Udo P. Leis and B. Ashra

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Oriom - Healing Source (2 Vinyl)


A1 Mars Minaret 9:33
A2 Son Of The Sun 7:54
B1 One With Everything 6:33
B2 One Day In Eternity 14:11
C1 Venus Void 10:48
C2 Slom Ocean (Part1) 8:55
D1 Slom Ocean (Part2) 19:18

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Artists: Oriom
Titel: Healing Source
Format: Vinyl
Catalog#: KW012V
Labelcode: 16011
ISRC: DE-HE1-21-00014-20
EAN/UPC: 4036067820035
Releasedate: 06.2021
Artwork: Rainer Hartmann
Mastered by Bert Olke: www.gl-audio.de
Style: #SpaceDub, #OvertoneSinging, #Dub
#Ambient, #CosmicOctave, #electronicmusic

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Spherical sounds, mystical, primeval ... combined with electronic music. Chants as if coming from afar, as if they came from a venerable monk high up in the mountains of Tibet. This CD takes you on a deep inner journey, with remarkable sounds and sounds far from the everyday world, ... more in german:

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