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B. Ashra - Music For Growing


1. Potento – 1:13:59 h

THC Tuning, 80,77 bpm, incl. Hemispheric Synchronisation: 10,77 Hz, Sinus: 172,32 Hz + 86,16 Hz + THC Windchime with all 6 spectra

Caution: Do not listen to this recording while driving car or working with machines!
Special thanks to: Hans Cousto and Kathrin Gebhardt

Title: Music For Growing
Artist: B. Ashra
Format: CD / Digital
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Catalog#: KW010
Label Code: 16011
ISRC: DEHE10700235
Total Playtime: 73:59 min.
Releasedate: 15.10.2014
EAN: 4036067323796
Distribution: D|CH|AUS: Silenzio
Distribution World: Ultimae
Cover: Ilona Kowalschek
Mastered by Bert Olke: www.gl-audio.de
Style: Ambient, Cosmic Octave, Binaural Beats,
Electronica, Chill Out, Music for Plants, Meditation



How sound does THC ?

This question is Klangwirkstoff Records now investigated for the umpteenth time.

Music For Growing, based on the calculations of Hans Cousto,
is a concept album tuned to the spectral maxima of the Delta-9 THC molecule.
Homeopathic essences of frequencies, designed to trigger the documented
psychotropic effect of THC through our sense of hearing or - as an agent -
pass it on to the plant.

This is the sound and rhythm of pure oscillations from the cannabis plant itself.
The basic idea behind the creation of this CD stems from the desire to
stimulate plant growth through sound projection.

In the production of this album particular hemispheric synchronisations of
the THC molecular frequency (10.77 Hz) were used, acoustically blending
pure THC sinus waves with the additional six spectra of the molecule,
in the form of wind chimes.

Thus Music For Growing serves as a soundtrack for the ambitious
domestic hemp grower and can, with deliberate, recurring use enhance
plant growth.

To achieve optimum results it is recommended to expose the plant to sound
only during light periods. We would be happy to receive your feedback.
Please share your experiences with us: kw010@klangwirkstoff.de







So this album is amazing.... I have a formula that's been consistent for me so I know when additions are improvements or snake oil, not saying that I thought this album was going to be that,... we played this album as often as possible and the results were  phenomenal, same strains as last time without the music, this time with the music the strains were extremely resinous, the terpenes were outrageous, I m currently awaiting lab results to see the difference in THC.

04/2015: a user :)



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